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Miza 88

A desk designed for the computer musician: a large keyboard tray with foldable legs for support, an accessories drawer, eight rack units and plenty of space for screens and periphery.see the full description below!

Miza 88 XL

The Miza 88 XL was built to accommodate even large 88 keys master keyboards and offers three 4-unit rack bays for even more versatility while retaining the qualities of the popular Miza 88. see the full description below!

Miza Junior MkII

The Miza Jr proves that even a small footprint production desk can still feature all the amenities of the Miza series like exquisite build quality, solid pull-out tray and clever cable management. see the full description below!

Miza M

Beautifully simple, endlessly versatile: Miza M offers a large surface area, a heavy-duty pull-out tray with Dual Rail System and neat cable management, all with the awe-inspiring Miza design see the full description below!

Miza X2

Welcome to your cockpit: this premium control deck with 12 units of rack space, master keyboard tray, plenty of workspace and isolating speaker stands puts you at the heart of production and all your tools within reach.see the full description below.

Miza Z

For the minimalist who wants more, Miza Z provides a particularly large surface area and also features a heavy-duty Dual Rail System accessory tray, smart cable management, and classy Miza design.see the full description below!


Yesk is a compact working desk built from high-quality, low-resonance materials, providing eight ergonomically slanted rack units and a versatile pull-out tray below the large desk surface. see the full description below!