Terms and conditions of participation

Zaor Studio Of the Month

This competition and prize draw is operated and organized by Zaor Studio Furniture srl. Strada Principala 1051B Salard/Bihor RO-417450 Rumänien represented by the Managing Director Michele Zullo (Commercial Register number J5/1730/2012), hereinafter abbreviated as “Zaor

  1. Overall terms and conditions of our offering

Conducting the competition would not be possible without publishing the pictures of the studios.

By giving your consent, you agree for us to use your pictures (or of your photographer) in the promotion, our online communication, newsletters etc. Your consent is obtained in exchange for entering the competition and draw, with the option of opting into our newsletter or that of our affiliates Music Alliance.

Participation is not possible without granting this consent.

  1. Eligible participants

2.1 Participants of the competition and prize draw must be world residents aged 18 or over (legally major) and must have a legal residence at the time of their participation to be eligible. Employees, authorized representatives, and agents of Zaor, the sponsors, and the companies affiliated with them, along with their respective family and household members, are not eligible to participate, nor are any individuals who are disqualified or excluded and/or blocked from participation to the competition pursuant to Sec. 6 of this terms and conditions of participation.

2.2 Participation is only permitted and valid if the participant provides their own first name and surname. Participation via aliases or through any other name is not allowed. Artist names can be used for the competition to present the studio but Zaor needs to be aware of legal name.

  1. Participation

3.1 Participation via the Internet takes place through corresponding online registration. In the event of online registration, a confirmation e-mail is sent to the address provided by the participant. A confirmation link is included in this e-mail if you subscribe to our newsletter. Subscription is not complete unless and until the participant clicks on this confirmation link, thereby concluding the double opt-in process.

3.2 Participants will participate in the competition “Zaor Studio of the month” which will be determined by all users online and on social media based on a preselection made by Zaor from all submissions during the month. 4 Studios will be presented to anyone visiting Zaor’s website or social channels and the studio with the highest number of votes will be declared Zaor Studio of the month. There is no legal recourse against the preselection or the public vote.

On top of the monthly competition, there will be a draw among all participants for the main prize after the end of 12 months with 12 winners. This will normally be during the month of June 2021. Every monthly winner is also qualified to win the main prize.

Every participant must state his/her full name, address, e-mail address, and phone number to be notified in the event that he/she wins the monthly competition. In order to qualify for the main prize, the participant needs to be able to obtain a holiday/visitor visa to the United States at his own cost. Zaor is not responsible for obtaining the visa or entry permit to the US territory.

3.3 Participation in the monthly competition is only possible until the stated deadline for entries. Every participation must be completed by the deadline. The deadline for the main draw is the 31st of May 2021.

3.4 Participation is not dependent in any way on the purchase of goods, use of paid services, and/or payment of connection charges and/or user fees for ZAOR or other companies involved with the prize draw. Completing a survey or taking part in the monthly competition has no influence on the chances of winning the main draw.

  1. Determination of prize winners and special conditions

4.1. The prizes shown on the website for the Studio of the month competition will be decided by visitors to the website and social media channels of ZAOR and/or its affiliates each month among 4 studios chosen by the Zaor team.

4.2. The prize of the final draw will be chosen at random among all participants and validated if the winner fulfills the conditions for travel to the USA. The voucher for Music Alliance will have to be claimed within a period of 12 months.

4.3. Vouchers, software bundles or Memberships can only be claimed by the winner in their original form. It is not permitted to claim the equivalent in money or a different prize.

  1. Notification of winners; sending of prizes

5.1 Winners will be notified by email, phone, and SMS.

5.2 Prizes will be sent to the winner by Zaor at the latter’s own expense.

5.3 Affiliate prizes will be provided by the affiliate. Their terms and conditions apply.

  1. Forfeiture of the claim to a prize

6.1 In the event of an unsuccessful notification, the claim to the prize will be forfeited. A notification that a person has won a prize is considered to be unsuccessful if:

  1. a) the email announcing that the person has won, which is sent by email to the address provided, proves to be undeliverable or the winner does not respond within a time limit of 14 days after delivery by contacting the organiser by phone or e-mail; and
  2. b) the winner does not pick up the phone on two attempts to notify him/her by phone that he/she has won a prize; and
  3. c) an SMS or other message notifying the person that he/she has won proves to be undeliverable or the winner does not respond within a time limit of 14 days after delivery by contacting the organiser by phone, e-mail, or mail (with the operative date being the date of receipt by the organiser).

6.2 Once the claim to a prize is forfeited, the draw will be repeated.

  1. Transferability and taxes

Claims to prizes are not transferable. The winner bears sole responsibility for paying any taxes that may apply.

  1. Rules of conduct; disqualification and blocking

Zaor has the right to disqualify participants and exclude them from the prize draw if they manipulate or attempt to manipulate the participation process, the game, and/or the “Zaor” pages and/or violate the rules of the game and/or otherwise attempt, in an unfair and/or dishonest manner, to influence the competition or prize draw or the handling thereof, particularly by disrupting the software used or threatening or harassing employees of Zaor, affiliates or other participants.

  1. Possibilities of termination/modification

Zaor reserves the right to discontinue or terminate the prize draw at any time, without prior notice, for objective reasons. This applies in particular if for any reason the prize draw cannot be conducted in an orderly fashion, for example in the event that computers are infected with viruses, in case of software and/or hardware errors, and/or for other technical and/or legal reasons that affect the administration, security, integrity, and/or normal and proper conduct of the prize draw. In such cases, Zaor also has the right to modify the prize draw in its freely exercised discretion.

  1. Right to object and right to revoke; consequences

The participant is permitted to object to the processing of his/her data for communication purposes and/or to revoke consent, if any, that has been granted for this purpose, without being required to state any reasons. Processing of data for communication purposes and/or the use of the participants’ data to this end will then be halted without delay. The organiser will also notify its affiliates of any such objection and/or revocation without any undue delay.

  1. Data protection and privacy

Please see the separate data protection and privacy statement.

  1. Severability Clause

If one or several provisions of this Agreement should be or become legally void, this shall not impair the validity of the other provisions. The invalid provision will be replaced as quickly as possible with another provision most closely approximating the economic intent and content of the invalid provision.

  1. Links from the Website

If the Website contains links to other sites and resources provided by third parties, these links are provided for your information only. Zaor has no control over the contents of those sites or resources and accepts no responsibility for them or for any loss or damage that may arise from your use of them.

  1. Applicable law

In case of legal litigation, Romanian law shall be applicable.

Current as of: April 2020

  1. The monthly prize for Studio of the month is comprised of the following elements:
  • the Zaor Studio of the Month virtual badge (for use on your website, social media, etc) and exposure in our website, social media and newsletter
  • A choice of one of four practical studio accessories from Zaor: One (1) Vision K or KS keyboard trolley or one (1) pair of MIZA V-Stand (36 or 42”) speakerstands or one (1) Humanscale monitor (screen) arm M2 or one (1) Octopus modular cable/headphone stand
  • Quantica Audio Modula Lite Software bundle

1-year Pro membership for Music Alliance which gives access to

  • Invitation to in person member meetups and events
  • Exclusive Blog posts & tips
  • Monthly Alliance newsletter
  • Access to The Alliance private Facebook group
  • Access to forms, templates, and contracts – Fortnightly Fly On The Wall
  • Access to Fly On The Wall Archive
  • Tier 2 Discounts
  • 50% off Track Reviews
  • 65% off RADAR services
  • 10% off MAA short courses
  • Hardcopy certificate of membership
  • 50% scholarship for the Music Management and Marketing course from Music Alliance
  1. The year-end big prize draw is comprised of the following elements:
  • A flight ticket to Las Vegas and back in economy class for one adult person
  • Accommodation in Las Vegas for three nights in a hotel, probably the Palm or an equivalent grand hotel in downtown Las Vegas
  • A mid size rental car for the duration of the stay in Las Vegas
  • A visit with guided tour to the DMI Studios in Las Vegas
  • A session with Luca Pretolesi, to be determined whether as an observer or for work on a track that the winner will bring with him/send per transfer, for either mixing or mastering.
  • A dinner with members of the DMI crew in a nice restaurant in Las Vegas
  • A 50% discount voucher off any Zaor furniture or Humanscale ergonomic accessory (chair or arm)
  • A Quantica Modula software bundle
  • a full scholarship to the Music Management and Marketing course, or 1,000 US-Dollars off of any other programme from Music Alliance
  • A 1-year Elite membership for Music Alliance which offers
  • Invitation to in-person member meetups and events
  • Exclusive Blog posts & tips
  • VIP Privileges: limited entrance to clubs with artists
  • Monthly Alliance newsletter
  • Access to The Alliance private Facebook group
  • Access to forms, templates, and contracts
  • Fortnightly Fly On The Wall
  • Access to Fly On The Wall Archive
  • Tier 3 Discounts
  • FREE Monthly Elite Track Review
  • 50% off Track Reviews
  • 70% off RADAR services
  • 10% off Studio DMI services
  • 20% off MAA short courses
  • Hardcopy certificate of membership
  1. Every participant will receive the following:
  • a 199 US-Dollar voucher for Quantica Audio Modula
  • a chance to win the main prize
  • a space in our gallery of Zaor Studios of the World and social media exposure


6 month Affiliate membership for Music Alliance

  • Monthly Alliance newsletter
  • Blog posts & tips
  • Access to The Alliance private Facebook group
  • Access to forms, templates, and contracts
  • Fortnightly Fly On The Wall
  • Tier 1 Discounts
  • 35% off Track Reviews
  • 50% off RADAR services
  • 5% off MAA short courses
  • PDF certificate of membership
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Monthly Insider Perspectives Courses
  • Virtual ID Cards

Data Protection and Privacy Statement of Zaor Studio Furniture srl.

Data protection and privacy is very important to us, Zaor Studio Furniture srl. Strada Principala 1051B Salard/Bihor RO-417450 Rumänien represented by the Managing Director Michele Zullo (Commercial Register number J5/1730/2012), hereinafter abbreviated as “Zaor”.

In our position as a data controller we would like to inform you of the nature, scope, and purposes of any collection, storage, transfer, and/or use of personal data, complying in the process, already at this time, with the specifications of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For this reason, the relevant standards are already mentioned at this time in this data protection and privacy statement. You can contact us anytime either via our postal address or by e-mail at the following address:admin@zaorstudiofurniture.com.

You can reach our data protection officer at christian@zaor.de.

This statement provides you with information on all aspects of our offering that are relevant in terms of data protection and privacy, particularly:

  • the collection and storage of your personal data,
  • the transfer and use of your personal data, and
  • your rights
  1. Which personal data we collect and store

If you utilize our offering and/or use our website by filling out the entry fields and/or contact us and/or merely visit our website, we may collect personal data as follows:

  • Personal data that you provide us by utilizing our offering and/or using our website may be collected. If one or several provisions of this Agreement should be or become lawfully ineffective, this shall not impair the validity of the other provisions. The invalid provision will be replaced as quickly as possible with another provision most closely approximating the economic intent and content of the invalid provision. “Personal data” includes, in particular, your name, address, e-mail address, phone number, pictures and any interests, etc., that may be identified in surveys.
  • To the extent when you enter into a competition on our website or issue a declaration of intent, we store the information for the competition and all communication related to it.
  • To the extent that you answer any questions regarding your preferences, interests, etc. after participating in the competition and the prize draw we will also store this information in order to establish a personal user profile.
  • We also collect and process personal data that you provide to us by contacting us.
  • Personal data that may be collected through your visit to our page, particularly data traffic, location and time information, IP addresses, browser and device ID and other communication information provided through the use of your computer.

Further data – such as, in particular, local times, time zones, and usage data – may also be stored in addition to the data specified above.

Statistical data may be collected and used in the case of a visit to our website. “Statistical data” means, among other things, data regarding the use of a particular Internet browser and the browser version.

  1. How and why we process and transfer your personal data, and what it is used for

The data collected during registration to the competition and prize draw is used to conduct the prize draw, determine the winner, handle the awarding of prizes and notify the winner and transmit the prize (Article 6(1)(b) GDPR).

If, after the conclusion of the competition and prize draw, declarations of intent for purchase, service, or other contracts with external companies are received, the data collected, where applicable, and further data collected on a contract-specific basis will be disclosed to the external company or companies in question. Otherwise those companies cannot use the data to establish or perform a contract or contracts (Article 6(1)(b) and (f) GDPR).

Based on the participation agreement that is entered into and in the event of an online participation in a prize draw, Zaor will collect and process your personal data. This agreement requires that you provide your personal data if and insofar as you wish to participate in our prize draw offering. The data processing takes place for our own direct marketing (Article 6(1)(b) GDPR).

Processing your personal data would be in accordance with declaration of consent for advertising and marketing purposes, via phone, text messages, email, push notifications, mail; this also takes place within the scope of our legitimate interests as established by your relevant consent (Article 6(1)(f) GDPR).

Zaor assumes that the consent to receive advertising by phone, text message, e-mail, push notifications and mail from us, which is to be declared separately, also constitutes consent for purposes of data protection and privacy law to the processing of your personal data with the result that – in addition – the relevant, aforementioned data processing is also permitted pursuant to (Article 6(1)(a) GDPR).

It may be the case that an analysis of your affinities, interests, and preferences is performed before the data is used for direct marketing. To this end, the answers that you will provide after registering to the prize draw may also be analyzed, and a profile may be established in order to enable the more targeted performance of direct marketing measures by us (Article 6(1)(f) GDPR).

Using the data obtained, particularly those from our surveys following the prize draw registration page, we will create a “user profile” of you in order to be able to offer you an interest-driven service that is geared towards your individual needs and requirements. By creating this profile, we may categorize personal aspects, such as your interests and preferences, through automated processing of your data in order to make it possible for us to send you exclusive advertising and offers that match your profile.

Zaor frequently receives – provided that your end device supports this function – confirmation of which e-mails from us you open and how you proceed with the e-mail. This helps us to understand your interests and supports us in making the offers more useful interesting, tailor-made to you in the future (Article 6(1)(f) GDPR).

The assertion, if any, of your rights (Article 6(1)(c) and (f) GDPR) as provided in Sec. 5 of this data protection and privacy statement also leads to the collection and processing of your personal data.

Disclosure of your personal data may take place in cases in which we are under a legal obligation of disclosure (Article 6(1)(c) GDPR) or to the extent that disclosure should be necessary to enforce other rights/demands or for purposes of legal defense, if and insofar as these are based on the legitimate interests of the organizer or other third parties (Article 6(1)(f) GDPR). The same applies in the event of (also partially) purchase or sale of business assets and/or other assets, in the event that our business is otherwise acquired by a third party, in the event of initiation of insolvency proceedings, or if a request for initiation of insolvency proceedings is denied for lack of sufficient assets (Article 6(1)(f) GDPR).

  1. Where we store your personal data and for how long; and to where your data may be exported
  2. a) We store your personal data within the European Economic Area.
  3. b) Unless the data is erased or blocked pursuant to your exercise of the rights specified in Sec.°5, your data will be stored permanently for the purposes mentioned above.

After you have revoked any consent to the processing of data that may have been issued and/or have objected thereto, we will put you on our “blocking list.” This means that we will no longer use your personal data for marketing purposes, nor will we disclose them any longer. We will then only store your data for legal purposes (e.g. documentation obligations, defending against and asserting claims, etc.), and will erase the data after a further period of four years unless compelling reasons argue against our doing so or the processing of this data is permitted for other reasons, for example by way of new consent.

Furthermore, we will proceed in the same manner if we have not used your personal data for a period of 24 months, meaning that we have not used the data for our own marketing purposes.

  1. Protection of your personal data

We take corresponding precautions – administrative/organizational, technical, and physical – to protect your personal data against loss, theft, abuse, unauthorised access, unauthorised disclosure, unauthorized modification, and destruction. For example, your data is protected in particular within the scope of physical access control (secure location of servers, to which physical access is granted only following to a defined security procedure), systems access control (128-bit encryption of data transfers, individual assignment of passwords, menus, and authorisations for employees, up-to-date virus software), information access control (individual access authorisation for employees through personal accounts, identification and authentication requirements), transmission control (ongoing monitoring and notifications to authorised parties, no local storage of data, logging of all data exports and transfers), input control (account-linked reviews, logging with time stamps and host), job control (continuous monitoring by managing director(s), clear drafting of contracts with regard to Art. 28 GDPR in coordination with executive management) and availability control (general safeguarding measures by the hoster constant power supply (UPS), halon gas system, etc.], backup streaming involving other general safeguarding measures by the hoster [e.g. UPS, halon gas system, etc.], backup streaming at another location [with all security precautions; see physical access control] every night, mirroring on two additional hard drives, virus protection programs).

Despite these precautions, the insecure nature of the Internet means that we cannot guarantee the security of your data transfer to our website. Therefore, any and all transfers of data by you to our website take place at your own risk.

  1. Your rights

You have the right to obtain information regarding the personal data stored regarding you, including the origin and recipients of your data and the purpose of data processing, at any time pursuant to Article 15 GDPR.

You also have the right to demand, at any time, that we correct inaccurate personal information concerning you (Article 16 GDPR). You can restrict the processing of data if any of the prerequisites mentioned in Article 18(1) GDPR are met, e.g. in the event of a dispute concerning the accuracy of your personal data.

Moreover, you have the right to revoke any declaration(s) of consent to the processing of your personal data that may have been issued, with effect for the future (Article 7 GDPR). Such a revocation does not, however, affect the legality of the processing that has taken place up until then.

In addition, you are entitled to demand that we provide the personal data transferred to us in a format that permits the transfer thereof to another body (Art. 20 GDPR).

Subject to the prerequisites set out in Article 21(1), (2), and (3) GDPR, you can object to the processing of data for reasons that arise from your particular personal situation.

Furthermore, you have the right to demand the erasure of your data and assert your right to be forgotten pursuant to Article 17 GDPR. If the statutory prerequisites are met, we will proceed in this regard even without such a request having been issued on your part and will erase your personal data.

To assert your rights as enumerated above in this section, please write to us by e-mail at admin@zaorstudiofurniture.com.

If you have a complaint, you can contact the supervisory authority with jurisdiction over Zaor Studio Furniture srl. in Romania or any other supervisory authority.

  1. Usage data and cookies

You can view our Internet pages without providing personal information. However, certain technical data, known as “usage data”, are generated whenever our pages are visited. In addition, we may use one or more cookies and integrate social media plugins in some cases. The text below is intended to provide you with information regarding this as well.

Usage data:

When you visit our Web pages, the only items of information we store by default are the website from which you reached our page, the name of your Internet service provider, which Web pages you visited within our Internet presence, and the date and duration of your visit. The data obtained is fully anonymous.

Your IP address and timestamp are also stored for security reasons and used for internal purposes. The IP address is a machine-related code that provides information of the computer or Internet gateway used to access the Internet at the time of online retrieval. A timestamp is a value in a defined format that assigns a certain point in time to an event (for example, sending or receiving a message, modification of data, etc.). The purpose of a timestamp is to make it clear to people or computers when events occurred.

Social media plugins

We integrate “social media plugins” (often also known as “social media buttons”) into some areas of our Web pages. These kinds of plugins are marked on our pages by buttons (hence the term “buttons”), each of which shows the provider of the plugin through corresponding colours and symbols. Clicking these buttons allows you to do things like notify your friends in the social networks you use that you like one of our pages or share a link to a website with other Internet users, depending on the button.

If you are surfing on our website and access one of our Web pages that contains a social media plugin, your browser makes a direct connection with the servers of the provider of the plugin, and the plugin is loaded from there. In the process, the provider of the plugin may be notified that the relevant Web page has been accessed from our website.

If you have a user account with one or more of the social networks operated by the providers of the plugins and are logged into the network(s) in question while you are on one of our Web pages that contains one or more social media plugins of the provider(s) in question, it may also be possible to associate the access to that page with your existing user profile(s) with the provider(s) in question. If you click on integrated plugins and log into one or more of the networks afterward (or are already logged in), the shared or “recommended” information is generally posted in short form in your profile. This may allow the provider of the network to collect and store further usage data. In this way, the providers of the networks can create user profiles that go beyond what you yourself directly and actively disclose in the network. For further information on the collection and processing of data, please see the privacy policies of the providers of the plugins.


We use so-called cookies on our Internet pages. These are small files that are stored on your hard drive and in which certain information is stored that a server can read out again. These cookies can be so-called session cookies, which are automatically deleted as soon as you close your browser, on the one hand, and cookies with a longer, predefined runtime, on the other. The information stored in cookies may include your login (your visit when you register), the date and time of your visit, your other behavior on our sweepstakes pages, the cookie number and the URL of the website from which you accessed our offer pages.

The use of certain cookies enables us, on the one hand, to guarantee the functionality of our websites and to continuously improve their performance. In addition, cookies help us to recognise you and in this way to adapt our offers optimally to your individual needs and thus to display the most relevant information for you. Finally, cookies make it possible to record the statistical frequency of visits to the various pages of our website and the general navigation.

If, however, you wish to prevent the use of cookies, which has no influence on the perception of our competition or other related offers on our part, we ask you to make the appropriate setting in your browser before using our pages. There you can prevent the acceptance and storage of new cookies. You can find out more about this on the help pages of your browser or by contacting its service provider.

  1. Deletion of cookies

As a user, you have the right at any time to decide which cookies you wish to accept or delete. You can adjust the individual settings thereto in the settings menu of your Internet browser. For further information, please contact the provider of your Internet browser.

  1. Minors

This site, including the data protection and privacy policy and the general terms and conditions of business, is not aimed at minors. No personal data of minors are knowingly collected, used, and/or disclosed.

Current as of: April 2020