Adjust the tray’s height in 6-8 positions
Height adjustment for optimal playing position and legroom 
The heavy-duty keyboard tray can be used in a number of different ways. Some people just like to put their mouse and computer keyboard there, maybe a notebook and a pencil. Others use it to their full extent, placing master keyboards, synthesizers or stage pianos on the tray. To offer the ideal solution for everyone, Zaor has given the new Miza 88 FLEX an option to adjust the tray’s height in six positions to optimise the balance between legroom and space on the tray. 
The new Miza 88 FLEX 
More tray width for large controllers 
Speaking of space on the tray, the new Miza FLEX offers more width due to shedding the decorative side panels of its earlier incarnation. Sometimes, a few inches can make the difference between a master controller fitting on the tray and having to go one size up – the MizaFLEX makes sure you get the most space possible. 
More space for wires and accesories
Redesigned cable management 
Wires are still necessary and probably will remain so for a while, but that does not mean that they have to get in the way or spoil the aesthetics. Zaor desks in general and the Miza line in particular have always put emphasis on the importance of properly handling the lines required for working, and the new updated Miza desks further elaborate on this strength with more spacious, easier and even more convenient cable management.  
Ergonomics, functionality and aesthetics
Optimized construction saves weight and packaging
Zaor faces the challenges of our time and takes the responsibility as a manufacturer very seriously. While ergonomics, functionality and aesthetics certainly play the main role during development, every step of the way is continuously monitored and optimised to reduce emissions and waste. The new Miza line is designed in a way to maximise efficiency, reducing weight and packaging.