About us

Introduction To Our Furniture Collection

Zaor delivers fresh furniture solutions, well through, unique functionality, stability, ergonomic and made with outstanding materials. Designed by music professionals who have today‘s efficient and lean facilities in mind, the desks, stands, racks, and other solutions provide stylish set-ups that perform flawlessly, for many years. A large range fulfills most needs and when needed, custom solutions are purpose-designed by a dedicated team. Upgrade your space with the Zaor team and your workflow will improve! 

Our Mission

Are you a wood person, or into high tech materials, do you want to impress or maximize the use of space? Many important questions to ask yourself before picking your main workspace element. We have been designing desks with a passion for many years, and the main priority has been to listen to you. The dialogue with our customers has taught us a lot about how different people are, their needs, tastes, and dreams. We strive to give you the best possible because we care!

Why we build Studio Furniture?

We came from different directions and met over a common passion – making ordinary things special both through their looks and through their functions. A piano builder, a carpenter and a sound engineer who all love music with a passion. So Zaor Studio Furniture is born, creating unique functional furniture for artists, producers, composers. We try to build beautiful technical furnishings, giving our customers all the functions they desire in a design aesthetic. We make a name in the music industry and soon the top names are seeking our services. But curiosity and love of work well done soon lead to new opportunities: From hair stylists to avant-garde restaurants, clothing boutiques to IT companies we accept the challenge to create bespoke furnishings using classic and new materials. We explore new paths that lead to our unique feature, the light from within or soul as we call it. Combining techniques from different industries, experimenting with sandwich panels of our creation we find new ways of making classic objects such as desks. We are inventors, creators, craftsmen, passionate about technology and materials and we never stop moving forward to inspire other inventors, creators, craftsmen in their passion, be it music, design, architecture, video, food, tech…