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After 20 years working in recording studios in Nashville, DC, and Baltimore, I built a dedicated mastering studio to support producers, mix engineers, and their artists needing quality mastering. I’ve mastered countless records for an eclectic range of artists from Maine to Spain to Ukraine. Projects include Billboard #1 & Top 10 charting songs, GRAMMY Award-winning artists, and multi-million spins on Spotify.

In another lifetime, I worked with Warner Bros. Records, Discovery Channel, The Kennedy Center, and DC101-FM.

I am an Apple Digital Masters certified studio, and master for digital distribution, streaming, vinyl, and physical CDs.

When not working in music, I love making egg creams and listening to Prince.,,
SoundSquirrelVisit StudioGermanySoundSquirrel is a recording studio, specialized in audiobook production & soundtracks for audiobooks.
Nostars StudiosVisit StudioUnited KingdomUrban Music Studio in London
Another Recording Studio, LLCVisit StudioUnited StatesAnother Recording Studio, LLC
Not just ANY recording studio, but the BEST recording studio your broke-ass can afford!
Specializing in singer-songwriter productions, and custom underscore composition for visual media.,,
Take Note StudiosVisit StudioUnited KingdomHome of Producer, Artist and Musician Nate Notes.
bringing a selection of Soul, Rnb, Funk, Hip Hop music.
Credits include Sky Ltd, Jsol, Lexie,
Guitarist for Sinead Harnett.,,
WHITE NIGHTS STUDIOVisit StudioRomaniaOur studio is based in Constanta-Romania and hosts 4 music schools. We also have a rehearsal room and a mix room as well. We do work with all genres when it comes to music, but the well played live music is still our favourite. As you will see in the pictures, the main Zaor desk whas modified for our initial console (A&H GSR24M) , but now host an X32 ,till we get a new board that not comes with firewire comunication only (unfortunately , 2021 PC's don't recognize our A&H console:( ).
Have a great day!,,,
OverstageVisit StudioGermanyOverstage Studio is my home studio. I am professionally recording & mixing, producing pop/rock music, audio books and podcasts.
Mimix Media / Mimix StudioVisit StudioFinlandMusic studio and production facility in capital area of Finland. Music styles such as pop, jazz, folk, big band, rock, classical, acapella etc. Customers such as Rajaton and Club For Five (FIN), Real Group (SWE), Sean Holt and Asaph A. Ward (USA), Don Alder (CAN), Winter Olympics Beijing 2022. Studio designed by Mika Niilonen / micrasound. Photos by Jyri Sariola.
gb-masteringVisit StudioGermanyMastering Studio located in Berlin. Producing Dub Techno as a hobby.
Satori StudiosVisit StudioPortugalThe main genres we work with are Hip-hop (and sub-genres, such as Trap, Drill, etc) and Rock / Fusion bands.

We produce mainly hip-hop beats, but mix and master all of the above.

You can see all the artists we work with on our IG. Even tho we are a small studio, we work with quite a few people. Some examples are: Putz, Low as G, G2Blood, Maktub Bkn, Pedro Barbosa, BassKilla, Arrais, Freidy Vibe, Anderson Arcanjo, AnotherWorld, Sand, Ferajin, Smile Gang, etc
CatLeap SoundsVisit StudioGreeceCatLeap is based ona a cats house named Thrasos . Specialize in music production ( recording ,mixing , mastering ) sound design , music composition .,,
CatLeap SoundsVisit StudioGreeceCatLeap is based on a cats house named Thrasos . Specialize in music production ( recordinh ,mixing , mastering ) sound design and music composition .
Cluzifer - MixVisit StudioItalyIndie/Rock/Pop Allrounder, The studio has its own production but also features collaborations with various producers and composers. Credits: Max Von Milland, Julia Kautz, Schw4rz, Average, Fruity Sessions and many more,
Imelda Gabs' StudioVisit StudioSwitzerlandPop - Soul - Electronic | Mainly produces tracks for personal projects but also for other artists, movies and commercials.
InTens ProductionVisit StudioromaniaPop, rock, dance, house, synthwave, electronic music production and vocal recording studio situated in Transylvania/Romania!
Bullet RecordsVisit StudioItaliaRecording Mixing Mastering, Rap, Trap, Pop, Soul, Rnb and more
Really Nice AudioVisit StudioA 'plugin' free zone.
The Sonic Sorcerer StudioVisit StudioMy name's Chris and I've been recording music for the last 25 years. Right now, we produce video and film soundtracks plus mindfulness and new age music. We also mix and master contemporary music. We recently added a Zaor 88XL desk which is our pride and joy! As you can see it takes centre stage in the studio!,
Obsidian Mix & MasterVisit StudioThe NetherlandsObsidian Mix & Master was founded in 2015 and initially started as a recording studio in the heart of Dutch Design and Technology capital Eindhoven. By high demand early 2018 I decided to focus mainly on high-end mixing and mastering.
The studio is built from the ground up, is soundproof and has had professional acoustic treatment by Studio Waveworks.
At the core of the studio is the ZAOR Maestro 24 desk and two ZAOR monitor stands.
Beatchild ProductionsVisit StudioCanadaPrimarily a production studio but we also do mixing. Credits include Drake, Justin Nozuka, Bakermat, Amaal Nuux.
Paris Avenue StudioVisit StudioAustraliaParis Avenue Studio is the brain child of Australian Composer, MusicTheatre Producer Joe Accaria. Music produced for pop artists such as David Campbell and Marcia Hines and music produced, composed and arranged for all female theatre show, Drummer Queens. Also includes production for Musical Theatre, Remixes and the studios own original projects such as L.S.M & Sam Booker.,,
COSMIXVisit StudioNederlandHome studio of music producer COSMIX (Igor van der Linden) from Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Keydan cornerVisit StudioItaliaHome made production mainly oriented to backing tracks for live events. Genre rock pop
Terry Golden StudioVisit StudioDenmarkTerry Goldeen is a Trance / House / Big Room Dj and Producer. This is my new studio were all the magic appears, and were I perform my live streams . Studio build with 2 custom tables from Zaor Studio. Producer table made with perfect integration of digital mixer, Ableton Push 2, Touch screen and place for my Adams Audio studio speakers. DJ table made to fit 4 turntables and DJ mixer in the right height. Both tables with integrated acoustic and smartphone controlled integrated LED lights, with several settings and full RGBW.

Studio with custom acoustic all over, and acoustic curtains and turneble LED lights in the ceilings.,,,
Sonic StudioVisit StudioRomaniaPopular music and commercial
Shadow Sect StudioVisit StudioItalyBio:
Cristian and Giulio joined the forces together focusing on Neurofunk and hard Drum'n'Bass Music, moved by true friendship and commitment to the DnB scene they found the perfect way to merge their different attitudes and music style creating a brand new sound that takes inspiration from both Hardcore, Drum and Bass, metal and experimental electronic music in a pyrotechnical sound and performance on the stage. In 2013 they debut show took place at the first Therapy Session Italian chapter alongside the Masters Panacea and Cooh.

Actually they are busy in the studio working after their debut ep released in early October 2018 “MONSTA EP” on UK based Close2Death Recordings on their first full lenght album that will include collaborations with the most wanted and respected artist in the scene like: Dope D.O.D. ,Hallucinator, Sinister Souls, Gancher & Ruin, LucyFurr, Delimit and some more legendary talented pioneer musicians and, naturally, a bunch of original bangers.
Stick around Shadow Sect mirrors and stay tuned for the next moves to come from this Hellish Duo.,,,
Trouble At HomeVisit StudioUSAMaking and Mixing Music for My Personal Sanity and That of My Friends. Occasional home to out of town pros I have collected over the years. Rock and Roll only unless the singer takes my breath away.,,,
Musicnet ProduzioniVisit StudioItalyOwn Music Productions by the Composer Fulvio Pietramala but also other Artists productions.
Especially expert for improving and finalizing rough compositions and mixes
Instrumental music, songs, classical, pop, rock,,,
dimension music productionVisit StudioGermanyElectronica - Downbeat - Ambient - Filmscores.
This is Jens Buchert's - the wizard of sounds - exclusive working place in a spacy and organic style with the unique and individual desk from ZAOR. You never will see or get this desk anywhere else. Jens Buchert has released more than 35 albums and more than 1000 for TV, film, compilations and advertising songs worldwide in the last 25 years. He's a veteran of Electronic Music like Downbeat, Chillout, Trip Hop, Ambient and Relaxation Music.
swashin TV SHUDIOVisit StudioUnited StatesVideo Production / Audio Mixing / Live Streaming and so on
Momma Raised A DragonslayerVisit StudioNetherlandsGenres: Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, Trap, EDM, House, Funk
Activities: Recording, production, songwriting, film scoring, audio editing & restoration, mixing, mastering
Credits: MOTi (Zero Cool Records), SLVR (Spinnin' Records), Jay-Way, GANZ, Kill The Buzz,,,
Maarten de Jong studioVisit StudioNetherlandsMy home studio used for my own productions mainly trance and edm which are singed on Armada Music! Hand picked by Armin van Buuren in his playlists and had various tune of the weeks in radio show a state of trance! Next to that my music widely support by various artists. My Miza makes my small home studio complete love working on it!,,
Punch and GlueVisit StudioUnited KingdomI mix for other people, have various artist projects (LV - Brownswood, Hyperdub etc). I also do radio and post-production - including lots for WorldwideFM.
ABSOLUTE FILM MUSICVisit StudioNaples (It)Projected by Acoustic Solutions, ABSOLUTE is a small home-production studio, where Scoring for Cinema.
BAJKOVisit StudioSlovakiaMy new post production studio with Zaor's Matrix table, Rackboard and Monitor stands.,,,
Niles Luther’s Home StudioVisit StudioUnited StatesClassical/Film - built this home studio in my small apartment in Bronx NY to fulfill my needs as a composer!,
dread star studioVisit StudioUnited KingdomI love making hip-hop beats and also enjoy getting all spacey with my Roland aria sires
Novenove studioVisit StudioItalySpot television, music production, mix on line, music talent show,
RB music studio, s.r.o.Visit StudioSlovenskoRobert Burian's music studio was designed in detail by professionals.

The acoustic solution was taken care of by one of the most respected acoustics at Slovakia - Ing. Zdenko Nosko. Only devices from proven manufacturers are used in the studio, which are described as high-end in the global sound field among professionals. Analog hardware equipment from brands such as Dangerous music, Rupert Neve, Thermionic Culture, or Universal audio is guaranteed to breathe life and 3D space into recordings, which would only be searched in vain in the so-called ITB (in the box / computer) music productions.

Studio monitoring is consulted and technically covered by the project manager Boris Seitler from the company G-Tec Professional ( ), which is a distributor of the EVE AUDIO brand - the world's leading studio monitoring. Long-term cooperation with one of the most respected musicians in Slovakia Zoltán Tóth from the Randal Group Production ( ) is a guarantee that the music output from RB Music studio is at a high level.

The aim of our work is to provide not only first-class quality, 100% approach and service, but mainly that the songs that pass through the RB Music studio leave the original feeling and energy that the author put into the recording during its creation.

Based on almost 20 years of experience and cooperation with the best interpreters and production companies at the international level, we offer our services to everyone, who decide to move their sound to a higher level and thus give listeners a full-fledged experience of a sufficiently loud, but at the same time clean and dynamic recording.,,,
K1 StudioVisit StudioItalyI'm Domenico a DJ, producer, songwriter, sound designer and a member of Dualities, an Italian duo from who reached +20 Million on Spotify and several support from most important djs in the world. Sony, Columbia, Loudkult, Universal | Pop, EDM, Tropical House, House, Techno
HitfabrikVisit StudioGermanyRock Pop Acoustic
I'm totally in love with my brand new Miza Cherry/Black 88 XL.,,,
SINIESTRO MUSIC-HOMEBOY STUDIOSVisit StudioPuerto RicoI produce up comming and major artists
We work with any genre of music.
We make original beats or remake beats and remixes. We produce jingles for promotions, comertials for t.v., radios, all social media platforms and all streaming platforms for any type of ads.
We can record, mix and master your music. Also we can produce your music videos and cover art work. We also monetize and publish and register your music for copyright and distribution services. For more info contact. (17875490267) for booking.,,,
Ariel keshet music & soundVisit StudioisraelAriel keshet is an Israeli based producer and mixer , multiple number one hits produced and mixed by ariel , in his studio.,,
The NoiseRoom StudioVisit StudioAmericaThe NoiseRoom Studio (@thenoiseroomstudio) prides themselves on their warm, welcoming, collaborative vibe, with lots of lights, cats, and tea. The studio features an eclectic mix of state-of-the-art recording equipment and boutique microphones and specializes in producing singer/songwriters ranging from alternative rock to funk and soul. The studio owner, STATiC (@staticisnoise), has been an internationally touring guitarist and professional multi-instrumentalist and is best known for his sixteen-year tenure in OURS. The NoiseRoom Studio worked on Constantine Maroulis's latest album, UNTIL I'M WANTED, and is currently working with artist Kate Van Dorn @katevandorn on her first full-length record, along with Kristina Camille (@kristinacamillexo), on her musical storybook NIGHTINGALE. Other musical acts include @bobbie_la_day, @mayanicholeee, and more exciting artists in the new year.,,
Studio OneVisit StudioUnited KingdomPop, Soul, Folk, Indie, Production / Mixing / Writing studio centred around a Zaor Miza Jr. desk and Zaor desktop stands.,
Rosenhouse Recording StudioVisit StudioItalyPop, Jazz, Rock, Classical. We are a commercial studio located near Sanremo in Liguria.
Credits: Zucchero Fornaciari, Matia Bazar, Museo Rosenbach, Paola Turci, Urban Theory, Federico Malaman, Silvia Mezzanotte ..,,,
HOVR's HomestudioVisit StudioGermanyHey guys! Young DJ and producer HOVR from Berlin here. Been touring for the last couple of years, mostly just DJing. Focusing on production at the moment given 2020 lol. I have a pretty compact studio setup with one analogue synth which I do most melodies with, a grand-style midi controller from studiologic and the rest you can see. It's in my flat and all music I release is made there. Stuff I produce and play is probably deep house. Check it out on

As you have an upload limit of 2MB here's a link with the full-res picture:
La CabanneVisit StudioFranceThe studio has just opened his door last month. I'm the only person who manage it. I especially work on production / beat making and mixing but I also do some records. This place is a sound laboratory, where I spend my free time to sample real orchestral instruments to ambient music. Genres goes to Pop, Indie, Electro, Punk to Ambient, Folk. I also work on OST for short american films.
U-Fly studioVisit StudioFranceMixing and mastering suite / Cognac / France
with my Zaor Maestro 36
(Opéra de paris, Un violon sur le sable...)
APR Studio AustraliaVisit StudioAustraliaSpecialising in Electronic Dance Music and Bass Music. Working with clients that produce a wide variety of sounds from Deep House, Bass House, Trance, Future Bass, Trap, Mid Tempo, Dubstep, Riddim and everything in between.
Jojo F Red Room StudiosVisit StudioEnglandMulti platinum certified Recording, production, mixing and mastering studio in the south coast of England. Specialising in Hip Hop, R&B, Electronic and pop music.,,,
Hopetown Sound Recording StudioVisit StudioUSAHopetown is the commercial studio owned and operated by producer/engineer Pier Giacalone (Regina Spektor, Zayn Malik) in Doylestown, PA (1hr north of Philadelphia).

We’ve actually already paid for a matching side car to our desk (through Sweetwater) and we’re just waiting for delivery. #moredesk 🙂,
Alkimee MusicVisit StudioUnited KingdomProgressive Electronica | A micro studio setup in rural Cambridgeshire, setup in a basement of a 200 year old barn house. With the Zoar Miza 88XL at its heart, its a fantastic environment for Alkimee to explore and mix genres and styles into audio soundscapes. Includes a Roland TD30KV Drum Kit and 2X WA76 and 2X EQP-WA.,,
Pool Room StudiosVisit StudioUnited StatesI produce full-length documentaries and music videos.
basement102Visit StudioUnited KingdomHybrid Analogue/digital Electronic Music Production facility blending the best of both controlling hardware and hardware controlling software.
After 10 years of producing demos for local bands and artists my focus has now switched to my own projects and collaborations.,,,
Almond StudiosVisit StudioScotlandSemi-Professional studio providing Mixing and Mastering services and when the situation allows, recording services too. I’ll happily work on anything with guitars! That said, my latest project is dance - think I fusion of Leftfield and The Verve (2 of my biggest influences).,,,
AkheecubanoVisit StudioDenmarkHip hop, pop, disco,,
Stainless SoundVisit StudioThe NetherlandsWe are a post audio facility in the heart of Amsterdam.
fixintogetmixinVisit StudioUSProduce, record and mix all types of music.
SynthlabVisit StudioLatviaOur mission is to entertain any music producer and composer with many all-time classic synthesizers, in a new and modern way! Here You can create sounds and tracks with the same gear that was used by many world famous artists.,
The Foxxes MusicVisit StudioPolskaThis is a complex of production/recording studios founded in 2017 in Lublin. Team of songwritiers work there everyday bringing great songs and productions to the world.,,
anre*f studio yatsugatakeVisit StudioJapanKazuki Sugawara’s private studio in japan. / Portfolio → www.anref.jp,,,
OngakuZakkayaStudioVisit StudioJapanCinematic, Jazz and Pops composer and sound designer.
I use this studio only for my production.
RQ SoundsVisit StudioSwedenRecording, Mixing and Mastering studio. Instruments and Console. Zoar Speaker Stands and Desktop Table with built in 19”racks. Focal Trio11 Be Red Burr Ash Mid- and Near-field studio reference speakers and Focal Utopia (extreme near-field) reference headphone.,
Seb StudioVisit StudioFranceRock & Blues, it is a personal studio for my friends and myself’s pleasure.,,,
Lowfreak StudioVisit StudioSpainLowfreak is an EDM producer from southern Spain that has worked on renamed artist remixes such as Gold Lemonade from Critically amused Records (owned by Jackie Jackson) and releases his own original music on several indie labels. His primary genres of music is Dubstep, Trap, Breakbeats and Trance. My main desk is a Zaor White-Chocolate wood that go very well with my KEF LS50W monitors. I am a big fan of all promoters: Zaor, StudioDMI, Acustica and the Music Alliance!
Thrills & Beats StudioVisit StudioFranceMy name is Yann Dulché and this is my home-studio where I produced french-styled house & electronica, as well as the headquarters of my record label / publishing company THRILLS & BEATS, near Paris, France. I'm inspired by the fusion of wooden elements, natural green and analog / hardware music gears! 🙂
Chris Tempest's StudioVisit StudioCanadaMainly focus on creating hard dance tracks - Hardstyle, UK Hardcore, Dub Step, & Trance,
OceanKnightsVisit StudioSwedwnSynthwave. Movie scoring
Juanjo Molina MusicVisit StudioSpainFilm scoring and music production for visual media,
Spytunes Studio BVisit StudioGermanySpytunes Studio B is my home studio, I work as a professional Drummer & media producer near Mainz/Germany.
studio andy eicherVisit StudioAustriaI compose music for meditation and relaxing in my studio in upper austria.,,
KlangbarVisit StudioGermanyProducing with many musicians from all diferent genres. Everything from Black Metal to German Pop music.
And composing with artists and for comercials.
Adam Fiasco ProductionsVisit StudioUnited KingdomI Help Alt-Rock And Country Artists Get Traction With Their Music Through Song Production And 1on1 Mentoring.,
Vaja Music, LLCVisit StudioUSAVaja produces an array of Electronic Music with a unique style of her own that captures the essence of who she is as a Recording Artist. Based in LA, her Recording Studio has premiere music equipment such as the innovative Zaor MIZA X2 Workstation Desk, Wunder Audio CM7 S Mic, PRS & Taylor Guitars just to name some of her amazing gear. Vaja is planning to release her new single in 2020 with Award Winning Film Composer Steve Horner. Stay Tuned at \m/
Philipp Beesen MusicVisit StudioGermanyProduction/Mixing Studio of Philipp Beesen.
Philipp Beesen is Musicproducer and Mixing Engineer and known for his Adventure Pop Productions on YouTube.,,,
Lion Music Studio (by Silvia Leonetti)Visit StudioItalyI’m Silvia Leonetti and i’m a Film Music Composer. This is my studio and i write music for films, tv series, spots and documentaries.,,,
Gamper & DadoniVisit StudioGermanyHi!

We are Gamper & Dadoni.

We started our artist project & record label in 2013. We always wanted to work in an office/studio with a lot of light and sun. This is why we chose to not go with the typical "producer bunker". Most of the time we work with headphones (we got used to it over the years). Since we sit in front of each other, we can easily raise our hands when we got nice ideas to show and play it out loud.

We mainly produce Pop, House & Dance music but also love to work on classical music & Hip Hop from time to time.

After Lunch we love to play table tennis, that's why we decided to buy one for the office to get our both minds free again for getting creative.
Downstairs we have a meeting room where we chill and welcome our guests.,,,
High Tide StudiosVisit StudioGermanyHigh Tide Studios are a professional full service facility with two live rooms and two studios and another production / songwriting suite.
Studio A is used for Recording, Mixing and Mastering in almost all genres but we love live instruments and being creative with microphones!
Studio B features a 28.1 SpatialSound Wave system from Fraunhofer IDMT.

In Studio A (pictures) we use a nice ZAOR cherry wood rack and also a Desk / Rack for our SSL AWS948 made by ZAOR,
Studio NeoVisit StudioEnglandStudio Neo is a state of the art recording studio and music production facility located in England. We provide the following services:

Music Production
Interaural AudioVisit StudioGermanyEnglish:

Music is art and art is for the mind

I strive to understand the demands and needs of my customers in order to provide their recordings with the sound, volume and presence they deserve.
From the recording to mixdown and mastering, to the distribution of your production under Interaural Audio's own label. You will find all of this in my range of services.
Storia MasteringVisit StudioGermanyStoria Mastering stands for powerful and individual sound that takes your mix to the next level. Our high-quality analog and digital equipment provides the finishing touches to make your mix shine.
In addition to numerous recording studios from German-speaking countries, our satisfied customers also include international labels and artists.
Voxpop Recordings BarcelonaVisit StudioSpainAlex Warner's studio where he records VO and music for TV ads documentaries and film. Recent work for CBS, National Geographic, and Fox Sports. Featuring a custom Zaor desk able to fit two large monitors.,,,
TRANCE PRODUCER PAUL TODD'S HOME STUDIOVisit StudioUKHome studio where I write, mix and master all my own productions.,
The Factory NetworkVisit StudioRomaniaWe have equipped our video editing studio with desks from Zaor, and we are more than happy about the result.,
La Playa StudioVisit StudioSpainMostly World Music oriented production venue
M Dot StudioVisit StudioUnited KingdomA private mix room with a strong focus on high quality monitoring and character signal chains.
Centred around a Thermionic Culture console, Lynx Aurora N converters, ATC and Neumann monitoring and a wealth of spring reverbs and analogue processing units.
A beautiful cherry wood Zaor Onda Mack 18 sits the heart of the studio.,,,
Circle of FifthsVisit StudioUnited StatesZaor Miza and custom amp rack.
ESBEE RECORDSVisit StudioGermanyGenres ( Hip Hop, Trap, Reggeaton, Boom Bap, Pop)
Producer 1: eSBee Beats (Producer, Songwriter, Recording,Mix + Mastering)
Producer 2: Janko Beats ( Producer, Songwriter)

We produce in the last few months tracks with artist who pass over 650k streams. For many National Artist: De Facto, Dee, Pavlos, EF and many more. If u want u can have our Presskit.,,,
Badstring StudioVisit StudioCroatiaBadstring Studio is located in Croatia, and is working closely to London Based company Badstring Studio LTD.
Credits : Vice News, America's Next Top Model, Secrets Of The dead, Drug Wars, Tesla Model 3 Live Show (2016)

We are using Zaor desk and speaker stands.
Aubarrett StudioVisit StudioSpainRecording and Production Homestudio | Live Acoustic Videos, Voice Recordings and Indie/Rock Productions
Thrills & Beats StudioVisit StudioFranceHere's my home-studio. A place to listen Music : Through the Presonus Central Station, my Genelecs 1030A can receive either computer source (through UA apollo twin), Tascam combo CD/K7 player, or Pro-ject turntable. And a place to create Music : As a pianist, it starts with a keyboard, here the Nord Stage 2, connected as audio through apollo twin and as Midi through USB. A second keyboard : the ROLI seaboard block to write different kinds of melodies. All sequenced in Logic / Macbook Pro 15”. In both case, I like to “see” the Music as I listen to it, hence the Samson analyzer.
All of that perfectly fitting my ZAOR MIZA 88 desk. 😌 ❤ 🎶,,,
Studio NorrvikVisit StudioSwedenMy own rehersal room/mancave have just turned in to a studio for my punk band,, and just learning how to Work it.
Fin to make our own recordings and some other bands in the future.,,,
Paul Todd's Home StudioVisit StudioUKHome studio of trance producer Paul Todd,
Riffhard studioVisit StudioEnglandMetal/rock - mixed Monuments/Flux Conduct records here and film lots of footage for

Credits: MONUMENTS - Gnosis/The Amanuensis
Flux Conduct - Qatsi/Yetzer Hara
Tom Player - Close your eyes (Guitar recording/engineering)
8dio - Progressive metal pack (which appeared in the game ‘Overwatch’)
Island Recording StudiosVisit StudioAustraliaIsland Recording Studios works across many genres, however we specialise in producing larger than life pop rock/indie rock/rock mixes! We also love working with solo artists and developing their songs from the ground up; starting with just acoustic guitar and vocal tracks and turning them into fully fledged radio-ready productions!,,,
Roadhouse Recording CO.Visit StudioUKStudio of producer Benni Dumville. A cozy loft space, perfect for recording and mixing. Previous works include lots of rock, punk, metal, and pop. Currently working closely with HEADACHE.,,,
ToneblasphemyVisit StudioGermanyProfessional Mastering Mixing and Music Producing, High End Studio.
With the best and most beautiful studio furniture ever made by Zaor .)
STUDIO 1313Visit StudioGermanyPop , Rock , EDM , Classic

Mixing , Recording , Mastering , Arrangement

Protect 13 - DAME
Gipsychord - BOJE - Eurovision conntest 2019
Wave StudioVisit StudioDenmarkWave Studio is specialised mixing and mastering studio with the most personal service you'll ever try 🙂 Hi! I'm Daniel and I'm a music nerd. I love working with ambitious artists, producers and musicians making their music sound stellar.,
John ValasisVisit StudioGreeceJohn is a Greek-born composer, producer and sound designer. From his studio, he delivers scoring, production and sound design services for a great number of prestigious brands such as HBO, BBC, Amazon Studios, Native Instruments, Ableton, Virgin and Vice Magazine to name a few.,,,
Thrills & BeatsVisit StudioFranceHere's my "French Touch" Music producer home-studio. Specific gears have been selected to create a sound close to my inspirations (Moog Bass, Juno Pads, Akai MFC42 filter, Roland RE-3 Space echo, Alesis 3630 compressor etc). And it all fits perfectly my small studio in my small flat thanks to my MIZA desk. 4 of my biggest influences (Daft Punk, Air, Etienne de Crecy, St-Germain) are hanged on the wall on top of the studio. You can listen to my latest EP "PARADISCO" here : (produced in that space).,,,
TOMAS ANTONSSON Home StudioVisit StudioSwedenWelcome to my home studio in Stockholm. Here is where I create smashing hits for the future. Well, we’ll see. Nothing released yet but I’m working on it between my regular work where I'm freelancing as a steadicam operator/photographer in the television/film/music industry.,,,
CRESCENDO PRODVisit StudioFRANCECRESCENDO Prod est un studio de production sonore. Fondé par le musicien François Teillard, le studio s’est spécialisé au fil des années dans la réalisation de messages radio, l’enregistrement de voix-off, la création de musique à l’image et d’identités sonores.
Audiodesign VindigniVisit StudioGermanySelf-employed entrepreneur, Audio Studio Vindigni, formerly partner of the firm of Stampfwerk Media GmbH, Hamburg
Activities: Audio productions of PC and educational games, international TV and cinema commercials, movies, TV series and documentation films (ProSieben, Sat1, RTL, Vox), Production of sound brandings, artist and audio book productions, game development "Serious Games" and advisor for various advertising agencies, film productions, game developers
Awards: Golden Quality Award 2009 (RTL)
Nominations: Mipcom Award 2009, Quotenmeter "Best Series Documentation 2010", Grimme Award 2010 (Pro7 Documentary), German Development Award "Best Strategy Game 2014" (Transocean), German Development Award "Best Mobile Game 2015" (Space Hawk), German Development Award "Best Innovation 2015" (Space Hawk). I will send Klaus some more pictures via Wetransfer.,,, StudioVisit StudioUSABesides being the location where many products are tested for product reviews, it is also the private studio space for owner, Scott Kahn. He records and produces his current progressive pop band, Dream Eternal Bliss, and also contributes to recording projects for various other musicians and side projects.
Facca Audio & ProductionVisit StudioCanadaTracking & mixing room working primarily in rock, pop, country, alternative and electronic music, with occasional work in podcasting, voiceover and commercials.
Supaxor StudioVisit StudioFranceClassical, Reggae, Ska, Rock, Rap, Movies, Short Film, Concert movies, documentaries | Since 2012,,,
Sound Pressure StudiosVisit StudioPortugalWe are a full commercial recording and music production studio based in Lisbon! We work on almost every genre, especially pop, hip hop, rock, metal and dance music. We have worked with Post Malone, 6Lack, Cuca Roseta, Joss Stone, Sir Christopher Lee, Ritchie Faulkner and many others.,,,,
Hugh Hodgson School of MusicVisit StudioUSAHello All,

Attached are some shots of our control room at the University of Georgia’s Hugh Hodgson School of Music. With three completely patchable workstations, we handle the audio recording for all of our venues and events from this one location: The R. Douglas Moore Recording Control Room. As you can see, the Zaor desks keep everything straight and beautiful with comfortable ergonomics for long hours of recording!

Together with my recording colleague, Will Marlow, we submit this photo to your studio of the month competition. We hope that you are safe, healthy, and prospering in spite of the global situation.

Best wishes,

MK MASTERINGVisit StudioUkI’m Mix engineer out of north london. Working with artist like headie one, m Huncho, and George the poet +many more
Studio GVisit StudioFrancePop Soul Funk | The Studio has his own production but also mixes other Artists productions
D.A Legacy StudioVisit StudioCanadaHip/Hop & RNB | My studio offers Recording, Production session, Mixing and Mastering,,,,
03 StudioVisit StudioGermanyOver 20 years 03 Studio is active in the Music Business for Clients around the world. Producing - Mixing - Mastering

We Are very Happy with our new Zaor Table and Stands!,,,,
Claudio Jans | CHAOS-RECORDSVisit StudioGermanyHi,
I am Claudio Jans independent sound engineer and music producer. I create music. I was born in 1976 and thus belong to Generation X. After well-founded instrumental training on guitar and bass, I have been working as a musician since 1990 and as a sound engineer and music producer, live and in the studio since 1994. Thanks to my many years of experience and working with numerous artists and clients from a wide range of areas, I have learned to respond optimally to the task at hand.
My role often begins well before that of the sound engineer and usually goes far beyond: In addition to the classic sound engineering services such as recording, mixing and mastering, I also assist in the areas of coaching and technical conception.

I offer - innovative solutions for creative music ideas -

Recording | Mixing | Mastering | Audio editing | Live Engineering | Workshops / Coaching | Rental of recording equipment

"One of the most important steps for a good collaboration is to become a partner"

When recording, I work tailored to the needs of my customers. This can be from the rehearsal room to the high-end studio, thanks to my flexible recoring system from DigiGrid. The mixing and mastering takes place in my acoustically optimized mixing lounge.

I have received several awards for mixing, as a producer and as a musician ( e.g.STINGER ). Musically I am in the area of ​​blues / rock / hard rock / metal.
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