Studio Furniture

Finneas O’Connell gets ready for the next Billie Eilish Hits with Zaor

Billie Eilish is a perfect example of a young artist who came to overwhelming success through social media – first breaking through with a song on Soundcloud. An important factor for her career is brother Finneas, who produces all of her music. Finneas and Billie won three Grammies in 2020 – complemented by an additional award for the Best Engineered Album, which had been produced in Finneas’ bedroom studio! For his new workspace the young producer decided to keep his minimalistic approach. A pair of monitors and a computer, that is all he needs. One aspect was really important for him, though – ergonomics and an inspiring atmosphere. He decided to build his new hit-factory around the Zaor Alto, which was modified to include a stylish custom-made lighting system providing several colours via a convenient remote control. Just goes to show that an inspirational environment can be the most important factor for being creative.

About Zaor

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