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SPECIAL OFFER – Remaining Stock of Black-Cherry finish!

Special Offer: Remaining Stock of Zaor Miza x2, Zaor Miza Griprack MKII 2, and Zaor Miza Griprack MKII 4 – Black Cherry

Attention all studio enthusiasts! We have a special offer on our remaining stock of Zaor studio furniture in stunning Black Cherry finish. Take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade your studio setup at an unbeatable price:


  1. Zaor Miza x2 Desk – Black Cherry: 1500€ including VAT and shipping – Only 1 piece left

    • This spacious desk provides the perfect foundation for your studio environment, offering ample space for monitors, controllers, and more.
    • Crafted with precision and style, the Black Cherry finish adds an elegant touch to any workspace.
    • Designed for maximum functionality with integrated cable management to keep your setup organized.
    • Limited stock available at an incredible discount!
  2. Zaor Miza Griprack MKII 2 – Black Cherry: 159€ including VAT and shipping

    • Expand your rack-mount gear collection with this sleek and versatile rack unit.
    • Perfectly complementing the Zaor Miza Junior, M and Z desks, it provides convenient rack space for your audio equipment.
    • Designed with durability and aesthetics in mind, it’s the ideal addition to any studio setup.
    • Get yours now at a special discounted price while supplies last!
  3. Zaor Miza Griprack MKII 4 – Black Cherry: 179€ including VAT and shipping

    • Need more rack space? Look no further than the Zaor Miza Griprack MKII 4.
    • With four rack spaces, it’s perfect for accommodating additional audio gear such as preamps, interfaces, and effects units.
    • Designed to seamlessly integrate with other Zaor furniture pieces, it’s a must-have for any serious studio setup.
    • Don’t miss out on this opportunity to snag the remaining stock at an unbeatable price!


This special offer is valid until stock lasts and only in Europe! Contact us today to secure your Zaor studio furniture at a fantastic price.

Upgrade your studio setup and elevate your creative workflow with Zaor!

About Zaor Studio Furniture
Creating furniture for creative people with professional demands – that is the Zaor mission. Recording studios, video editing, graphics design, web development, and also in the listening room or for gaming – Zaor Studio Furniture combines technical finesse with visual style and innovative ideas. From classic studio furniture to modern designer pieces like the Vela series with its mono leg concept, the floating desk and the coloured lighting in the desk’s edge, Zaor always has the right furniture for office, studio, hobby and sophisticated recreational activity. Selected materials, European manufacturing, clever solutions, elegant design – Zaor builds furniture that inspires.
Soon available also on Zaor Studio Furniture North America www.zaor.us
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