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Maestro 24

The ideal compact centrepiece for the professional mastering studio with plenty of rack space within easy reach, acoustically optimised for maximum audio fidelity. see the full description below!

Maestro 36

The outboard way of life: with 36 rack units on the desktop, plenty more rack space underneath, optimised airflow, high-end cable management and acoustic optimisation built in, this desk makes working with the finest gear even more enjoyable.see the full description below!

Marea O

The mixing desk: Marea O offers a serious solution for applications that include small to medium analog or digital consoles and controllers, including desk and rack space, for the studio and live venues. see the full description below!

Marea X32

The unwavering popularity of Behringer’s digital mixing console X32 calls for a specialized piece of furniture to house it: the Marea X32 perfectly complements the console with a sturdy desk and rack space. see the full description below!


Absolute integration is the idea behind the SSL Matrix hybrid console. The Matrix desk from Zaor takes up this concept and neatly integrates both the SSL console and analogue outboard into the room.see the full description below!

Onda Angled

Meet the professional: made from solid oak or ash wood, this desk provides a large working space in the centre and six ergonomically angled rack units to each side. see the full description below!