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Sitting down is not great, but as a music producer what can you do?

I just read an article by Gretchen Reynolds in the New York Times about our habit of sitting and how it affects our health, beyond the known back problems. Apparently, in a study of huntergatherer tribespeople scientists found that the resting periods we have during the day, whether we are modern day office workers or tribesmen, last about 10 hours. The difference is that we sit during that time, whereas the tribesmen squat or lounge about, but without chairs! The other difference is that these tribesmen have superlative cardiovascular and metabolic health, maintaining low blood pressure and healthy cholesterol levels up to an advanced age. And we know that we’re not in the best of shapes. On a totally different level, my wife used to work for an international institution, up to 10 hours a day in a chair in front of a computer before she retired a year ago. Since then she leads an active life, dog walking, shopping, cooking and her body has changed dramatically: she lost weight, is in great shape, looks 10 years younger without any particular effort. So it must be our sedentary, sitting life that deforms our bodies, limits our health and shortens our lives – she is the proof of my pudding in any case. This just reinforces my wish and determination to build furniture for the modern producer/ composer that allows us to change position, working in a standing, sitting and, why not, squatting position from time to time.

We designed the ALTO desk, equipped with 2 motors, a super-strong keyboard drawer, that can be mounted at different heights, 3 or 2 rack bays with 3 rack units each, nice cable management in the back, acoustic treatment of the desktop, a great package that could represent an investment in your longterm health. I got one in my office and I love it. In these troubled times, health is taking center stage, and the more resistance you have, the better your chances to come out safely on the other side of this pandemic, so why not start with your workspace?

In the picture one of the first S-ALTO desks, which will travel to our PR partner in Germany, RTFM, for their project studio.

by Klaus Gehlhaar

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