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Our experience at NAMM 2020

Namm this year was a great meeting of all people and things audio and music: from composers to outright rockstars, legends to newcomers, mastering engineers to producer legends, manufacturer colleagues or competitors – all in a friendly and optimistic atmosphere. Hardly anyone had heard of Corona, except for the beer perhaps and travel was fun. Now it seems as if in a few weeks the mood has changed, people retract into their personal spheres much more and avoid large congregations (in Italy major league soccer games were canceled which is almost worse than canceling the pope’s Angelus on Easter Sunday). In the middle ages this would mean total isolation and fear but today we have the internet, social media, Skype, Email and this means we can stay in touch with you, our customers, partners, friends.

We continue to serve you from our remote little village in Romania, looking to build the best possible furniture and accessories for your recording projects. We sincerely wish that everyone should stay safe and be well, perhaps it is the time to dig out some old projects and finish them, get in touch with old friends and family or empty out your attic.
We were lucky enough to secure some great work around NAMM, with projects in Vegas (DMI Studios rebuild of studio M), LA (new rooms at NoiseNest, a studio complex we supplied with all their furniture last year, a very fancy desk for Billy Eilish and her brother Finneas – congrats on the 5 Grammies), Paris (inventing a new crossover style together with Benjamin Braxton, rustic meets glossy or living room compatible studio furniture – stay tuned) and more.
We are also starting some new partnerships next to our collaborations with Slate, Abbey Road Institute and Mixtuur.
We are keeping busy in other words. Also, we apologize to all those who sought out our website these last few weeks, since we took the old one down before putting the new one up – got a little overexcited there, but we hope the new website will compensate you for this. Some cool new features are still in the works, we are finishing our brand new photo studio so expect plenty of fresh and entertaining content in the weeks and month to come.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope to have you visit us again soon.
Klaus from Zaor

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