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The New YESK 2 from Zaor – invented by industry – leading designer Tom Schuh

No matter if you are a guitarist, singer/songwriter or producer for electronic music – project studios have become more and more important. YESK from Zaor has been the first choice for all those purposes ever since. In our continuing endeavor to make good things even better, we established a close collaboration with industry-leading designer Tom Schuh, who reinvented the flexible studio desk from the ground up.

Having studied architecture in the first place, Tom sees himself as a translator between technology and human being. His award-winning designs convince through simple functional elegance and outstanding usability. The references of his company x9designs include well-known names such as SSL, Riedel Communications, and SPL. But there is more – as a passionate musician and keyboard player, Tom has hands-on experience and knows exactly what a modern, compact, and versatile studio desk should be like: “The new YESK from Zaor excels through its open design. Clear lines and reduced surfaces make this new desk appear like a lightweight and floating object that easily integrates within any environment.”

Like its successful predecessor, the new YESK offers plenty of space for all your favorite instruments and studio gear. Despite its compact size, the new YESK is extremely flexible. Three surfaces on different levels support keyboards, controllers, and monitors while six rack units keep your trusted 19” equipment in convenient reach. YESK comes in colors like plywood, black, or grey and supports a moveable keyboard tray and a leather armrest. The sleek and elegant design by Tom Schuh not only displays an outstanding appearance but at the same time provides the best resonance-free acoustic properties.

Enhance your project studio or your editing suite with outstanding design, maximum flexibility, and state-of-the-art acoustic properties. Enter the world of YESK.

Yesk 2

Original price was: €1,030.00.Current price is: €500.00. price_excluding_VAT

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