Studio Furniture

Wooden frames for Softube Console 1 Modern ergonomics and vintage style

When Softube released the innovative Console 1 controller system, it redefined the way modern, computer-based studios work. Its neat surface with its large number of buttons and knobs brings back the intuitive workflow of classic analogue gear and replaces mouse and keyboard for most of the production process. The more recently added Console 1 Fader expansion already enhanced the concept significantly. The new Zaor frames hold one or two units, arranging them for convenient reach. The elegant wooden frames consist of two separate units, Console 1 Base and Console 1 Top, each of which can hold either Softube device. While Console 1 Base tilts the surface by 16 degrees, the Console 1 Top is mounted to the back side of the Base unit and inclines the controller by 45 degrees, granting easy access to all controls. With the Fader unit in the Base and the original Console 1 in the Top, the frames form the Console 1 system into a sophisticated controller system reminiscent of classic vintage mixing desks. Both units are available in black or natural oak.

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