Vision Studio Furniture

Get ready for the new studio furniture line: VISION

Vision W

A desk. A monitor shelf. A few racks. An iconic design. The Vision W embodies an elegant simplicity of form while still providing media professionals with all the features they require to work efficiently.

Vision O

Simplicity is key: Vision O provides a perfect uncluttered workspace when not much equipment is required. Sleek, modern design, and high-quality build form the ultimate workhorse.

Vision R

The Vision R is the rack for the Vision line – and much more! With its sleek design, 12 ergonomically slanted rack units, and the free-airflow construction, this side rack is an option to consider independent of the choice of the desk.

Vision K

Elevate your playing experience – literally! Vision K is your keyboard or controller trolley on wheels that easily slides under your desk. Have your master keyboard always at the ready – and at the perfect height.

S-Line (Ks, Os, Ws)

Compact studio furniture line.

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