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Silvia Leonetti – Film Music Composer and Orchestrator from Italy & ZSOTM August Winner

Intro by Moritz Hillmayer

Moritz Hillmayer

Silvia has composed and orchestrated music for numerous films. She has worked in the United States and her home country Italy, gathering experience in these very different working environments. She was eligible for an Oscar for Best Original Score – twice! And of course, her most crowning achievement: Silvia Leonetti is the August winner of our Studio of the Month competition!

Achieving this level of accomplishment is no small feat under any circumstances, but to think that Silvia managed to get this far at the tender age of 26 is just astonishing. As is often the case, it comes down to passion: “I love playing the various instruments that I use for my compositions,” she states confidently. She also records these instruments in her Lion Music Studio in Rome, and she puts special emphasis on the process of recording them. “It is very important to me to have a lot of ‘live music’ in my compositions.” Despite her multi-instrumentalist talent, Silvia enjoys working with other composers and musicians, especially with more experienced ones. “That gives me the chance to constantly improve and take part in important projects. I always recommend working with other professional composers as much as possible, as it is the best way to improve!”

More about Silvia here:

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#1 What can you say about the importance of any working environment?

For me, it’s very important to work in a comfortable and effective work environment. I am continuously trying to improve it (with new instruments and types of equipment) to make it, as much as possible, a very professional studio. I am strongly convinced that a comfortable work environment helps creativity and productivity.

#2 What are your main goals?

My goals are to become every day more independent, keeping film music composition as a priority, and expand my collaboration network.

I am strongly convinced that in my job the experience is more relevant. Working with composers and musicians that are more expert than me gives me the chance of constantly improving and taking part in important projects. I work hard every day for gender equality, in every situation, work situation, or not. This is one of my main missions.

In the future, I would like to become an established composer and one of my dreams is to open a music school for film composers.

#3 Key Projects:

My key projects are the first two films in which I took part (Armenia, My Love, and The Second Coming Of Christ). Thanks to these works I was eligible twice at the Oscars as Best Original Score. While working on The Second Coming Of Christ I collaborated as well with composers from other nations, like Ramin Kousha e Navid Hejazi.

#4 Modus Operandi:

I love playing the various instruments that I use for my compositions and my work is based on this peculiarity. In my studio, I record those single instruments, such as voices, guitars, basses, ethnic instruments, and other electronic instruments. It is very important for me to have a lot of “live music” in my compositions.

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