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Introducing Marea O Desk for mixing consoles and DAW controllers

With the Marea X32 studio desk, we offer a great workspace solution for users of Behringer’s popular digital mixing console. But since it is focussed completely on the X32, you were out of luck if you like the design of the Marea, but use a different console – until now! With the Marea O, we created a flexible version of this stunning studio desk that fits various smaller and medium-sized mixing consoles and DAW controllers. It features six rack units for your outboard equipment and a support plane for computer screens and monitor speakers behind the rack bays. There is also ample desk space for any accessories you need, making the desk the heart of the studio.

Marea O was designed with maximum comfort for long sessions in mind, no matter if you prefer to work standing or sitting. Everything is in easy reach and the armrest at the front of the desk, covered in synthetic leather, conveys the elegance of traditional “large-format” consoles. Marea O also adds form to function: The studio desk is designed to look good in any environment. Made from solid wood, it is certain to stand the test of time. Take a look at the new Marea O on our website.

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Marea O

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