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Pure fascination: High Tide becomes ZAOR Studio of the Month August 2020

Our congratulations go to High Tide studios in Hennef. Large-format consoles and really amazing room design – our Studio of the Month in August is for sure one of Germany`s most outstanding facilities. But you don`t necessarily need to have a production space of this size. With Zaor, nearly every studio can become awarded and get the chance to win attractive prices! So, if you call at least one piece of Zaor studio furniture your own, grab the chance, make some lovely photos of your personal creative space and become a part of our Studio of the Month competition. You will be presented on our website and our community will decide which studio gets the honor of being the next ‘Studio of the Month’.

Besides an amazing price from the Zaor catalog, our partners Music Alliance and Quantica Audio will provide additional stunning gifts. But that`s not all! The grand winner of the year will win a trip to Las Vegas and meet three-times Grammy winner Luca Pretolesi in his DMI Studios for a mixing or mastering session. But that still is not all! A full scholarship to a Music Alliance course and the Quantica Audio Modula bundle is also included in this huge end-of-year-prize.

What are you waiting for? We at Zaor are glad you are part of the big Zaor community, and we want to express our gratitude. Just go to and submit your pictures. It is as easy as that!

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