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Inside The Artist’s Studio Life with Tai Jason’s


Tai Jason is an Echo Nominated Commercial, Hip-hop And Electronic Music Producer. He is also a DJ. Multi-platinum & award-winning producer who collaborated with big names like Sido, Aggro Berlin, K.I.Z., Trailerpark, Steve Aoki, Diplo, Felix Da Housecat, One Republic, Kreayshawn and many more.

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#1 Behind the curtain. What motivates and boosts your creativity daily?

For me, it’s important to have other activities/hobbies aside from making music in order to always get away from making music. This resets me in order to get back to making music with full loaded batteries and motivation. This way I am eager to work on music every day with great desire and fun. My go tos are Working out in the park and cooking on a daily basis. Yes I know, not much time left for music, ay 😉 But this way I am more focused!

#2 Who's Your Biggest Mentor?

I never really had one. I learnt everything by trying myself. Would of spared me allot of time though.
But nowadays you can be taught so much by Youtube tutorials instead of guessing how someone made a certain sound. So I guess if I had started making music in the last 10 years, then Youtube would be my biggest mentor.

#3 Who inspired you to make music?

Even though I started producing before these cats came up big I would say my favorite producers which inspired me would have been Mannie Fresh, Swizz Beats, and Scott Storch. But it just happened. I never dared think to do this as my job. It snuck in by chance whilst doing it as a hobby. Some day my beats were picked on artists albums.

#4 What's the story behind your favorite beatsong ideo (link to Youtube, etc).

This Song is special to me as it is the only record I ever rapped on besides producing the music. It’s a record for real music heady that have their own taste in music because the record didn’t follow any trends. It was the combination of Hip Hop and Techno and has become a classic crossover record today.

YouTube video

#5 What is one message you would give to your fans and friends?

Be good to all people 🙂

#6 Making music in the digital era. Do you think that 'fast-food' mix/music is toxic? How much effort I should put to create a good mix?

The quality of your mix (especially in Electronic Music) really depends on the production. Its all formed in production already because it is so processed. So a good production often doesnt really need much mixing anymore. I have actually made tracks worse by mixing them. That really sucks when you listen back to your first version and find your it sounds fatter haha 🙂

#7 Jason's Studio Setup. Minimal & Unique

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