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The light from within


When we commonly speak of the light from within, we refer to the soul, that part which makes human beings special, profound and enduring. It is also the connection to the unlimited realm of creativity, where all wonderful inspirations and creations come from.  Soul can be defined as the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life.

We are creators of furnishings for discerning individuals, for musicians, inventors, gamers and leaders who are inspired by their surroundings and who inspire others. We constantly strive for better solutions, new materials that feel, look and project differently, objects that have a soul and not just a function. After years of research and fine tuning we have created a line of objects that have a unique style and feature that can be tuned to be in tune with the innermost of a soulful being.

That’s why we called it soul

It literally has a light from within and changes the hand at designing your interior: Rather than being an object that creates shadow and absorbs light it becomes a fountain of light and atmosphere inside you room, reflecting who you are in spectacular ways…

Zaor Vela

This was created for creative professionals in audio visual arts. We are studying different applications from meeting rooms to collaborative work environments and wherever we look, people love to be inspired by light from within, or as we like to call it: SOUL.

Article by

Klaus Gehlhaar

Partner at Zaor Studio Furniture.

About Zaor

We are inventors, creators, craftsmen, passionate about technology and materials and we never stop moving forward to inspire other inventors, creators, craftsmen in their passion, be it music, design, architecture, video, food, tech…