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The MAESTRO series of desks.

A Maestro is an artist that has come to the apex of his art, truly dominating his craft. This desk line was designed with help from the best artists in mastering/mixing as well as manufacturers of the best mastering gear such as SPL and each of its many features were carefully chosen.

Starting with the large format Maestro 36+18, all aspects of the workflow were thoroughly analysed and new or improved solutions implemented for each one. The Maestro user is putting final touches to the sound of mixes, masters, edits so listening is at the heart: an extra low profile allows for the desk to be the least in the way of the sound reproduction, the back has VMT absorption panels by Vicoustic to minimise chaotic reflections and resonances and the work surface is made from AERstop, an acoustic material that minimises reflections and doubles as mouse pad. A small armrest warrants smooth typing and low wrist stress. The complete desk is more air than structure, so that sound is not boxed in, air can flow freely and keep working temperatures at optimal levels. A dual cable path (audio/power) separates signals from power leads and thus minimises hum and other inductive noise. Chrome bars with pre-fitted Velcro strips allow for fast and clean (re-) cabling. 36 rack units – all the essential tools within easy reach and on the minimal footprint allow for a perfect workflow. Extra 18 RU can be installed below the desk, where visual contact is less important. The bottom can also be open to allow to stretch legs once in a while. Behind the rack units, a flat plane, lowered as to not impede sound travel, can carry screen(s) just at eye level, near fields for cross check sitting on optional isolators to avoid sound transmission through the desk, which would lead to smear in the lower frequencies. Nothing superfluous, nothing amiss! Ergonomics and acoustics integrated beautifully: a work of art for art at work! RRP 2999.-€ free shipping within the EU.

Maestro 24+12: centre piece and processing powerhouse. The most essential selection of rack gear (24+12RU) in a small space: padded armrest, dual cable path, low profile, acoustically optimised for the very smallest impact on listening environment and integrated mouse pads(L+R). RRP 2399.-€ free shipping EU.

Maestro 24+12 Angolo Expand your workflow by integrating a central controller, mixer and why not – master keyboard. A cockpit shaped work space to control your outboard and steer your DAW with 24 Rack units within easy reach +12 RU at the bottom, comfy armrest large trapeze shaped and customisable desktop for single/dual screens and all other Maestro features. Optional Centre rack or screen incliners: Want those pristine edits to be done easily – raise you screens to an inclined up to vertical position! Want to listen without distraction (visual and acoustic)? Lower the screens to a flat, flush position and enjoy pure sound! The desktop can be 600 or 1000 mm wide in front, and is customisable, to integrate mixer/controller etc… This personal combination is a mixer’s dream, but can work for producers, composers and mastering engineers – you create your own! Future plans include a motorised sit/stand work surface, built in master keyboard and optional assorted side racks. Can be combined with adjustable speaker stands from Zaor. RRP 2999.-€ free shipping EU.

The ZAOR MAESTRO line is conceived and built with MDF and hand selected solid wood purely for today’s pro audio specialist. Everything musicians, producers and engineers always dreamed of having and more in one compact, great looking and ergonomic package. It ships flat packed and is easily assembled or disassembled thanks to professional hardware.

Ergonomic low profile
Space for all rack gear needed (24 or 36 RU)
Extra rack space at bottom (12 or 18 RU)
Lowered Screen/speaker plane behind racks
Soft armrest
Non reflective desktop surface
Dual cable path
MDF and Solid wood
High quality finishes
Acoustic treatment by Vicoustic

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