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Zaor launches online shop for USA and Canada at

Zaor announces the launch of, an online shop designed for customers from the United States of America and Canada. Following the separation from former US distributor Focal, Zaor decided to take matters into its own hands and will provide all sales and services directly from the European headquarters. Available immediately, encompasses the entire range of Zaor Studio Furniture from the Classic Line to Miza to Vision. By connecting the new shop to, customers in the US and Canada can easily switch to to make their purchases.

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  • Zaor opens online shop for USA and Canada
  • Zaor Studio Furniture available directly from the manufacturer
  • Reorganising distribution to Northern America
  • Onda, Miza, Vision, … – the entire portfolio
  • Shop now on

Salard, Romania, 26th January 2022 – In order to better cater to the specific requirements of the North American market, Zaor launches, an online shop to directly distribute the company’s revered studio furniture to customers in the United States and Canada.

Zaor Studio Furniture available directly from the manufacturer

With the launch of, studio furniture specialist Zaor provides a tailor-made online shop specifically for the important markets USA and Canada. The new shop will be integrated into the general Zaor website at so visitors from the US and Canada can pick out their preferred product and then jump to the respective page on with just one click of a button. All requests will be processed by the manufacturer, ensuring the most direct service straight from the source.

Reorganising distribution to Northern America

Zaor launches following the separation from former distribution partner Focal, who managed and distributed the manufacturer’s portfolio for the US market in the past five years. Thankful for Focal’s work in establishing the brand and company in Northern America, Zaor seizes the opportunity to take care of these important markets itself. All distribution, customer service, and marketing will be handled from the European headquarters.

Onda, Miza, Vision, … – the entire portfolio

As Zaor does now cater to the North American markets itself, the entire portfolio remains available to customers. From Classic Line desks like Onda or Maestro to the popular Miza line to the stylish Vision series, Zaor offers a wide variety of specialised furniture for media creation. Professionals and hobbyists alike swear by the quality desks, racks and speaker stands made from selected woods and designed with ergonomics, acoustics and style in mind. All of these lovingly crafted pieces are available immediately through

Shop now on

Customers from the United States of America as well as Canada are encouraged to browse to and purchase their dream furniture directly from the manufacturer. Those who prefer to visit to choose their favourite pieces can easily switch to the US shop by clicking a single button.


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