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Zaor presents Miza series in Oak Black while Cherry Black is discontinued

Zaor discontinues the Cherry Black color option for the Miza range. It is replaced with an entirely new variant: Oak Black.

Zaor replaces the Cherry Black colour of the Miza series with an all-new Oak Black finish. The new color option introduces a more traditional, very authentic wood visual into the Miza line that combines well with the black side panels. With the introduction of Oak Black as a color option for Miza, the classic Cherry Black finish will be discontinued. Since the material required for Cherry Black is discontinued by the supplier, no more Miza furniture in this finish will be manufactured once the stock runs out. As a result, people seeking to complete their setups with Cherry Black Miza furniture are encouraged to check availability in the Amazing Deals section on zaorstudiofurniture.com.

The new color of Miza: Oak Black

The Zaor Miza range has always been a popular choice for home and project studios as well as professional environments. Zaor now introduces the Oak Black finish: combined with black panels, the oak surfaces have a very natural and authentic, almost rustic feel to them, including decorative tool marks. The solid oak edges underline the overall impression of quality. The brighter wood hue of Oak Black also makes the new finish more visually compatible with a lot of popular floor and furniture woods, integrating the Miza desks even better into existing environments. 

Farewell to Cherry Black

The new Oak Black combination replaces Cherry Black as a color option for the Zaor Miza range. While Cherry Black was indeed popular, the manufacturer of the laminate used for the finish has ceased producing the material already, meaning that Cherry Black models can only be manufactured as long as stocks at Zaor last. As a result, furniture availability in this color is limited, as production cannot continue once the remaining stock is used up. People looking to complete their setup with matching Cherry Black furniture will need to do so with the remaining stock from retailers and in the Amazing Deals section on zaorstudiofurniture.com. 

Miza: sophisticated furniture for discerning creators

The Miza line by Zaor is exceedingly popular with producers and musicians of all genres and occupations for its astounding combination of style and practicality. Its high-quality materials, clever functionality and downright beautiful designs enrich studios around the world and put creators in the position – and mood! – to capture their visions. From the straightforward Miza Jr to the impressive Miza X2, the Miza range covers all sorts of applications and requirements. With the innovative Gripracks, sideracks of various sizes and speaker stands for optimal elevation, Miza provides everything a studio needs in terms of furniture.


The new color option Oak Black will be available immediately for all Miza models. Cherry Black models will only be produced with what stocked materials Zaor still has, so availability entirely depends on stock.

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Creating furniture for creative people with professional demands – that is the Zaor mission. Recording studios, video editing, graphics design, web development, and also in the listening room or for gaming – Zaor Studio Furniture combines technical finesse with visual style and innovative ideas. From classic studio furniture to modern designer pieces like the Vela series with its mono leg concept, the floating desk and the coloured lighting in the desk’s edge, Zaor always has the right furniture for office, studio, hobby and sophisticated recreational activity. Selected materials, European manufacturing, clever solutions, elegant design – Zaor builds furniture that inspires.
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