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Zaor Studio Of The Month. A peek behind the why and how

A peek behind the why and how

We were in confinement like most of the planet in the last few weeks, some more, like myself here in Italy, some less like the folks at the factory in Romania or the cousins in Sweden. One effect for sure is that everyone, including musicians and DJs, spent more time indoors and working on new tunes, compositions, mixes and masters. After talking to friends and colleagues and journalists we decided to honor our clients, who feed us and help us improve every day, by presenting not our product itself, but their creative environments, where they write and form music or sound or video for the entertainment of all. We wanted to give our customers a forum to present their studio and their work and reward the most inspired and inspiring examples with a monthly “Studio of the month” reward and badge of honor.

Find your inspiration

Loft Studio – NYC

Noise Nest Studio – LA

Do we decide who did the best job? Probably not a good idea we thought, as we might reward the client with the most Zaor in his studio and be it subconsciously. So we chose to select 4 of the best presentations or pictures and let everyone who wants to vote pick their favourite. This is for the monthly prize. But what about the ones that don’t win and are just as good (or better)? We pondered and concluded that there needs to be one major winner, and this time based on luck of the draw rather than people’s tastes.

Since we have some amazing partnerships across the world of music and recording, we asked our friends from studio DMI, if they were willing to help us create a fantastic package – and boy did they deliver! Not only will the winner visit the great studio in Las Vegas, but he will get a peek at the work of Luca Pretolesi and his crew, perhaps even on a track of his choosing or creation.

Now that is a lesson I would have craved for in my early years, get to work with an absolute pro, Grammy winner and very much part of EDM royalty! We then got more help offered by the Music Alliance, who do great online courses for music production and management and by Quantica, this very special start-up that offers unique software tools for mixing and mastering.

In Partnership with Studio DMI & The Alliance

Thank You!

We are really happy that we could create a wonderful package, that money could not buy in this form and we wish all of you who participate the best of luck. But to everyone who owns a Zaor product and who will help us celebrate the work they do, the creativity they deploy in cooking up amazing environments we want to say THANK YOU!

Thank you for choosing us to be your partner in this passion of yours

Thank you for showing others what you do and inspire

Thank you for trusting us again and again when selecting the set-up that says who you are

We hope we can contribute to make your work flow more beautiful, more ergonomic and more practical, so don’t hesitate to show it to us and perhaps reap a nice reward

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Klaus Gehlhaar

Partner at Zaor Studio Furniture.

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