Vision Line

January 24, 2019

At the 2019 Winter NAMM show, Zoar Studio Furniture debuted its new “VISION” line of ergonomic and practical custom furniture featuring 2 models expandable with multiple options. The “VISION O” is a 63-inch wide desk, by 32.5-inch deep, in an iconic black and white design that offers enough open space for all devices needed in today’s creative workflow, while the “VISION W” features a second level incorporating 9-spaces for 19-inch rack units and shelf space above for computer screens and/or speakers.

“The new VISION designs were created in collaboration with designer Julia Kovacs and are fresh and daring but also very pragmatic—as well as ergonomic,” said Klaus Gehlhaar, CEO at ZAOR. “We feel the new black and white desk designs and expansion options will be very appealing to musicians, engineers, producers, video editors, and others looking for a comfortable and stylish workspace solution.” Both new desk models are designed to accommodate speakers and headphones, multiple screens (with optional screen arms available), computer Qwerty keyboards and mice, and keyboard controllers. The iconic look is centered around a large V-shaped technical trough underneath the back of the desktop giving open access from the sides both visually and physically. The modern scissor leg design allows the desk to be compact when shipped, yet very sturdy when set up due to the stabilizing bar at the bottom of the back legs. At a height of 30.25 inches, the desks will fit most users comfortably.

The added shelf section and the three 19-inch rack space bays (with 9 available rack spaces) give the VISION W model a back height of 35.75 inches, offing vital rack gear right in front of the user within easy reach, and a higher visual plane for computer screens and near-field monitors— ideally supported by the optional Isoplane isolators.

In addition to the new desks, two options have been created for the VISION line, one is a controller keyboard trolley shelf, the VISION K, which slides underneath the desktop and matches the style of the desks. Since it is almost impossible to predict the exact combination of body height, keyboard height and other gear, ZAOR made the key trolley height adjustable in 4 levels, so it always has the ideal compromise between legroom and best fit for any kind of master keyboard up to 88-keys. With a width of 57.75 inches and a depth of 15.75 inches, the keyboard shelf will fit most keyboards on the market. The VISION K adjustable shelf offers legroom from 22.75 to 24.75 inches that result in a height for the keyboard of between 4 inches and 6 inches. If the user has a longer period of time where they don’t need the controller keyboard, it can put it to the side of the desk using the attached 4 wheels for even more legroom. Vision K can also be used away from the desk as a standalone setup for a large master keyboard.

The second option for the new VISION line of studio furniture is the VISION R side rack unit. The rack matches the style and profile of both new VISION desks and comes with 15 available 19-inch rack unit spaces. A flexible desktop area on the rack unit slides back and forward, allowing the user to position a laptop or tablet in easy reach without impeding full access to the rack-mounted equipment. With its matching height of 35.75 inches, the VISION R rack is also great for near-field monitors. The rack also features the V-shaped opening allowing users to run cables from a VISION W or VISION O desk to the rack and back. The VISION R unit can also be used as a standalone workspace and 19-inch equipment rack.

MIZA range with MkII modifications and additions

Oct. 31th, 2018

We are proud to announce availability of several new revisions and additions to its marketable MIZA product line (catering to the ever-widening range of musicians, DJs, video artists, and such like looking for a comfortable and yet affordable working environment) — namely, the MIZA D-Stand MkII desktop speaker stand, MIZA Jr. MkII flexible media desk, MIZA Rack 12 MkII and MIZA Rack 16 MkII side racks, and MIZA V-Stand 36 and MIZA V-Stand 42 speaker stands

As implied by name, MIZA D-Stand MkII marks ZAOR Studio Furniture’s new and improved revision of its original MIZA D-Stand desktop speaker stand from four years back. Benefitting from a more modernised (all-black) look, it includes more features. For starters, it is now height-adjustable by up to 50mm (above its 200mm-high horizontal configuration) and can also be angled at up to 9° while providing better acoustic isolation courtesy of four hemispheres made out of Sorbothane, a synthetic viscoelastic urethane polymer that minimises transmission by up to 95%. With weight-bearing capabilities belying its diminutive (260mm x 260mm) footprint — up to 25kg when used horizontally and 15kg when angled, a pair of MIZA D-Stand MkII desktop speaker stands can be added to any desk to turn it into a production environment easily and speedily.

Similarly, MIZA Jr. MkII marks ZAOR Studio Furniture’s revision of its original MIZA Jr. flexible media desk for computer-based workflow while targeting video and audio applications. As such, this time the company set about streamlining the production process, resulting in a reduced RRP (Recommended Retail Price) — down to €439.00 EUR (for MIZA Jr. MkII) from €499.00 EUR (for MIZA Jr.), so the end result remains focused on providing the user with a no-compromise workspace without breaking the bank. Better still, specifications remain remarkably similar to what they were with a perfectly sized (1250mm: W x 650mm: D) top plate for fitting into smaller spaces. Saying that, this is supplemented by a 61-note keyboard controller-accommodating (1129mm: W x 308mm: D) pullout draw, which is height adjustable in seven steps of 7mm, while a lower passageway positioned rearwards retains unsightly cables, conveniently keeping them out of sight. Strongly constructed from Melamine-faced chipboard with solid wood worktop and additions, MIZA Jr. MkII is available in Cherry/Black and Wenge/Grey finishes, flat packed for easy transportation and assembled easily.

Appropriately-monikered, the MIZA Rack 12 MkII and MIZA Rack 16 MkII side racks represent revisions of ZAOR Studio Furniture’s original MIZA Rack 12 and MIZA Rack 16, stylish 12U and 16U open airflow designs that both benefit from a repositioned cable passageway — sited behind the practical low-level drawer — to comfortably accommodate rack-mountable equipment without any depth restrictions via quality rails angled at a gentle incline using the included cage nuts, screws, and washers. What’s more, both feature a sizeable (600mm: W x 500mm: D) top plate, providing an additional work surface suited to any studio setup. Strongly constructed from Melamine-faced chipboard with solid wood worktop and additions, MIZA Rack 12 MkII and MIZA Rack 16 MkII are available in (MIZA Jr. MkII-matching) Cherry/Black and Wenge/Grey finishes, flat packed for easy transportation and assembled easily.

Ending on a new-fashioned note, the self-explanatory MIZA V-Stand 36 and MIZA V-Stand 42 speaker stands are an all-new addition to ZAOR Studio Furniture’s marketable MIZA product line. Like the musician-friendly MIZA D-Stand MkII before them, they marry a modern (black-finished) look with a moderate cost, but not at the expense of delivering a stable solution with zero resonance — everything needed in a fixed-height 36-inch (MIZA V-Stand 36) or 42-inch (MIZA V-Stand 42) speaker stand, in other words. While absolutely affordable, MIZA V-Stand 36 and MIZA V-Stand 42 adhere to the best standards of technical performance and design, both benefitting from a (300mm x 300mm) top plate-affixed Aerstop absorption pad for decoupling speakers weighing up to 40kg from within whatever room they are asked to perform — perfectly levelled, thanks to adjustable feet on the (300mm x 300mm) bottom plate. Put it this way: with the MIZA V-Stand 36 and MIZA V-Stand 42 additions available alongside the MIZA D-Stand MkII, MIZA Jr. MkII, and MIZA Rack 12 MkII and MIZA Rack 16 MkII revisions, ZAOR Studio Furniture is now even better positioned to cater to that ever- widening range of musicians, DJs, video artists, and such like looking for comfortable and yet affordable working environments.

The MAESTRO series of desks.

Oct. 16th, 2018

A Maestro is an artist that has come to the apex of his art, truly dominating his craft. This desk line was designed with help from the best artists in mastering/mixing as well as manufacturers of the best mastering gear such as SPL and each of its many features were carefully chosen.

Starting with the large format Maestro 36+18, all aspects of the workflow were thoroughly analysed and new or improved solutions implemented for each one. The Maestro user is putting final touches to the sound of mixes, masters, edits so listening is at the heart: an extra low profile allows for the desk to be the least in the way of the sound reproduction, the back has VMT absorption panels by Vicoustic to minimise chaotic reflections and resonances and the work surface is made from AERstop, an acoustic material that minimises reflections and doubles as mouse pad. A small armrest warrants smooth typing and low wrist stress. The complete desk is more air than structure, so that sound is not boxed in, air can flow freely and keep working temperatures at optimal levels. A dual cable path (audio/power) separates signals from power leads and thus minimises hum and other inductive noise. Chrome bars with pre-fitted Velcro strips allow for fast and clean (re-) cabling. 36 rack units - all the essential tools within easy reach and on the minimal footprint allow for a perfect workflow. Extra 18 RU can be installed below the desk, where visual contact is less important. The bottom can also be open to allow to stretch legs once in a while. Behind the rack units, a flat plane, lowered as to not impede sound travel, can carry screen(s) just at eye level, near fields for cross check sitting on optional isolators to avoid sound transmission through the desk, which would lead to smear in the lower frequencies. Nothing superfluous, nothing amiss! Ergonomics and acoustics integrated beautifully: a work of art for art at work! RRP 2999.-€ free shipping within the EU.

Maestro 24+12: centre piece and processing powerhouse. The most essential selection of rack gear (24+12RU) in a small space: padded armrest, dual cable path, low profile, acoustically optimised for the very smallest impact on listening environment and integrated mouse pads(L+R). RRP 2399.-€ free shipping EU.

Maestro 24+12 Angolo Expand your workflow by integrating a central controller, mixer and why not - master keyboard. A cockpit shaped work space to control your outboard and steer your DAW with 24 Rack units within easy reach +12 RU at the bottom, comfy armrest large trapeze shaped and customisable desktop for single/dual screens and all other Maestro features. Optional Centre rack or screen incliners: Want those pristine edits to be done easily - raise you screens to an inclined up to vertical position! Want to listen without distraction (visual and acoustic)? Lower the screens to a flat, flush position and enjoy pure sound! The desktop can be 600 or 1000 mm wide in front, and is customisable, to integrate mixer/controller etc… This personal combination is a mixer’s dream, but can work for producers, composers and mastering engineers - you create your own! Future plans include a motorised sit/stand work surface, built in master keyboard and optional assorted side racks. Can be combined with adjustable speaker stands from Zaor. RRP 2999.-€ free shipping EU.

The ZAOR MAESTRO line is conceived and built with MDF and hand selected solid wood purely for today’s pro audio specialist. Everything musicians, producers and engineers always dreamed of having and more in one compact, great looking and ergonomic package. It ships flat packed and is easily assembled or disassembled thanks to professional hardware.

Ergonomic low profile
Space for all rack gear needed (24 or 36 RU)
Extra rack space at bottom (12 or 18 RU)
Lowered Screen/speaker plane behind racks
Soft armrest
Non reflective desktop surface
Dual cable path
MDF and Solid wood
High quality finishes
Acoustic treatment by Vicoustic

ZAOR distribution in India

Jun 9th, 2017

We as ZAOR Studio Furniture are proud to announce a distribution agreement with ProMusicals from Chennai, India!

With the first order in production and being shipped out during the month of July, ProMusicals is ready to take orders from now on and serve the complete indian market. If you have questions about ZAOR or you want to order a desk or stands, ProMusicals will gladly help you!

25, Casa Major Road,
Egmore, Chennai – 600 008
Tel: 91-44-28193445/28193607

ZAOR distribution in North America and Mexico

Nov 18th, 2015

We as ZAOR Studio Furniture are proud to announce a distribution agreement with Audio Plus Services, known for their excellent work with Focal Studio Monitors, IsoAcoustics and SPL amongst others.

We have known extraordinary success in EUROPE, where it established itself as the number one go-to brand for studio furniture solutions as proven by recent deals with Abbey Road Institutes worldwide, Steven Slate, Steinberg, Universal Audio, MOTU and a large number of top pro audio dealers across Europe. Covering both the project studio market and the pro segment, Zaor offers a unique choice of materials and models including desks, consoles, racks, stands and in-store displays with materials ranging from MDF to solid wood, all hand built, painted and polished. Every piece is assembled and checked at the factory to make sure it is complete and without any defects.

"We created a line of intelligent furniture that not only comfortably houses equipment, but makes it sound better, enhancing both the aesthetics and listening experience," explains ZAOR Studio Furniture CEO Klaus Gehlhaar. "We would like to bring this choice and great value to customers across North America. Finding the right partner has been a challenge but after meeting the crew at Audio Plus Services and seeing the way they put Focal on the map, we felt that this would be a great partner and we're happy to go forward and build our presence in the market with their help."

Says Audio Plus Pro Audio sales manager Simon Cote: "Zaor Studio Furniture is a great fit and complements our current line-up perfectly! Its ability to cover both the home and professional studio markets, as well as producing custom-built furniture, makes them the ideal partner for today's fast evolving pro audio market. We're looking forward to equipping studios with Zaor for years to come!"

With the first order in production and being shipped out during the month of December, Audio Plus Services is ready to take orders for early January, and with their vast warehouse and farreaching logistics, they will make sure that the regular product range of ZAOR is available without any delays and at fixed costs: no extra shipping charges will be added to the order, across all of the United States and Canada.


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About us



When Michele Zullo was the thriving owner of a large music shop in Italy and offered the idea to successfully build affordable, fresh looking, functional furniture for musicians, everyone told him: impossible. An experienced piano builder, Zullo went ahead anyway in 2006 creating ZAOR STUDIO FURNITURE.


In 2010 I joined Michele along with Gilles Bartholme and together we turned ZAOR into a global brand for stylish, ergonomic yet affordable studio furniture. We moved production to Romania, built our own factory, hired great staff and today offer a vast catalogue of studio solutions using high end machines next to handicraft.


We question and innovate relentlessly: packaging, materials, combination of functions (furniture + instrument = KLAViDesk), types of finishes and procedures. We combine cutting edge technology with elegant design to launch bold new solutions.


ZAOR collaborates with outstanding brands like IsoAcoustics, Slate, Fatar, Human Scale to enter uncharted territory.


Customers and custom jobs are our passion and we have been honoured to work for big industry names like Snoop Dogg, Steve Aoki, David Guetta amongst others. At ZAOR one word is permanently banned from our vocabulary: IMPOSSIBLE.


Come and explore parts of the ZAOR world and if you find anything amiss - just ask and we will invent it, design it, manufacture it!


We love to create your work space


Klaus Justus Gehlhaar


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